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Wanaka Lake

A tree in New Zealand, symbol of resistance, creativity and power of dreams - growing where our company was born

Hidden stories in special elements

Unique for every image with adventure stories to tell!!

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… one evening, in a certain apartment, at a table with puzzle pieces arranged on the counter, questions arose.

Why do all puzzles look the same? Why have they been associated only with small, similar-looking elements for years? Why they absorb tea so easily and why they disappear in the sofa or in vacuum cleaner so quickly? Why does nobody change anything ?!

That was too much. We took matters into our own hands and let our imagination run wild in spite of what is known and what we are used to  all in order to refute the myth. PUZZLE ARE SO ADDICTIVE!

During hundreds of hours spent in the workshop, a swirl of chips, after months of prototype testing and many, many conferences regarding the final appearance of the brand were brought to life

Wooden Puzzle is intellectual entertainment under the slogan connect  not only matching elements but people above all. Let yourself be puzzled! Our products are an opportunity for joint exercise of mind and make a sensation during joint evenings in a larger group  confirmed by experience;)!

Additional joy will be caused by the aesthetic performance of the elements from which the wonderful aroma of wood rises. Ah, and special shapes: birds, ships, huts, skiers and leaves, nothing limits us! Everyone who has ever complained about the repetitive outline of the puzzle will be delighted with the tangle of our twisted waves. Puzzles were created for a multi-day, intense creative and intellectual atmosphere that will absorb everyone!

Today we draw you into this twisted world of a thousand patterns that we create within a positively crazy community


Zapuzzlowani is a project dedicated to puzzle lovers and enthusiasts of creative time spending. Thanks to the exchange of opinions, suggestions and recommendations, the community constantly strengthens ties and expands its reach to other Puzzles. It’s nice, inspiring and … with a bang!

We organize events, workshops and competitions.
Each day, plans are more ambitious and even more creative, although for now they must remain our sweet secret …;)

We are currently preparing and sending orders from the crowd-funding campaign, which was a crushing success !! Thank you !! Together we have done something extraordinary: we have released the first Polish brand of Unusual Wooden Puzzles. Puzzled Team ROCKS !!