Masurian Lakeland in frame


The whole Masurian land of Thousands Lakes in your sight! Thousands of lakes, hundreds or beautiful memories and even more plans for future journeys!

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Do you know that… there are more than 26000 lakes in the Masuria region?

The map of Masuria is undoubly unique because of its local aspect and its framing made from old, upcycled wood. The old frame and its history contrasts with a modern, laser-cut plywood.

Dimensions: 100 x 65 x 2.1 cm +5-8 cm of frame

Available customisation in form of engraving, please add the Customisation to your cart if you wish it. Order realisation time with customisation is about 2 weeks.

Wooden map with a hanging hole at the backside. Cut-out based on our original project, polished, painted and glued by hand in our workshop in Gdańsk. The acrylic paint used to cover the layers of plywood is non-toxic and waterproof. Frames made of old upcycled wood have holes made by nails, bugs, dents, discolouration and uneven surface – that’s how there are no two identical frames.

Disclaimer: photos are just a illustrative representation of our product, we make our maps in both polish and english. If you wish, we can ship you a english version of the map, just remember to state this in comment before finishing the order. Unless stated otherwise, we send our maps in polish version. Other language versions possible upon special request, longer delivery time applies.

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Dimensions100 × 2.1 × 65 cm