Bark World (dark)


“To love is to want to travel the whole world together so that there is no place on earth free of shared memories.”

Ernest Hemingway

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Tyśka: “When I saw these panels of cork oak bark, full of life, lichen, mosses and history … it was certain that a map would be created from it.”

The world map is a subtle combination of natural, recovered wood, modern plywood and amazing cork bark that is teeming with life! Metaphorically, because the bark is dry, naturally preserved fragments of lichen and moss only add charm. The bark of cork oak is anti-static – the surface does not accumulate electric charge, in other words, the cork does not electrify. Therefore, it does not attract or absorb dust, and therefore does not cause allergies or risk to asthmatics. It comes from sustainable plantations in Portugal, where cork has been produced for thousands of years. Cork production is the only branch of the wood industry that does not lead to tree felling, cork is a natural raw material cyclically harvested from trees without damaging them.

Easy to hang, it is an ideal decoration for smaller and larger rooms. The natural color combination means that the map will adapt to any wall, and its scent will float inside for a long time.

Dimensions: width: 100 cm / height: 65 cm / thickness 5-8 cm

The map attracts attention, is effective and raises emotions. It’s a great souvenir, interior accessory or anniversary gift.

Has a hanging hole.

The colors of materials: wood, cork and plywood may differ by the product shown in the pictures. This is due to the originality and uniqueness of the material – each has a different shade, structure or arrangement of knots.

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Dimensions100 × 5 × 64 cm