Miditerrenean Sea


What is the most incredible place on the Mediterrenean coastline you’ve been to?

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Do you know that… the latitudinal extent of Miditerrenean Sea is 4 000 kilometers long? It’s a long, long way to swim through… 😉

The Map of Miditerrenean Sea is a real gem of our collection, very popular among amateurs of sandy beaches of Southern Coastline of Europe. This is also the plece where our civilization was born.

The Map is hand polished and painted, there is a hole at the back for hanging.

Color: gray

It is a perfect decoration for traveler’s house or unforgettable anniversary got for the loved.

Size: 100 x 49.5 x 2.4 cm

Polish and English versions available. Customization for special request.

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Dimensions100 × 2.4 × 49.5 cm