Masuria with frame


The whole Masurian Land of Thousands Lakes in your sight! Thousands of lakes, hundreds or beautiful memories and even more plans for future journeys!

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Do you know that… there are more than 26000 lakes in the Masuria region?

The map of Masuria is doubly unique because of its local aspect and its framing made from old, upcycled wood. The old frame with soul and its own history contrasts with a modern, laser-cut plywood.

The layers of water depths are covered with acrylic paints that is waterproof and easy to clean when dusty or dirty. There are hanging holes at the backside: one in a frame and one in a map.

Size: 100 x 65 x 2.1 cm (+ frame: 6-10 cm)

Color: turquoise

Customization (different language version, dedication or other text) available on special request – add “Customization” to your shopping cart.

Time of delivery: 2 weeks

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Dimensions100 × 2.1 × 65 cm