Mandala White


Timeless whiteness combined with the natural color of wood.

It fits perfectly into any interior, pleasing the eye with its minimalism and form.
Nobody will pass by her indifferently.

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Out of stock

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Mandalas created at Avocado Creative Studio are primarily intended to delight viewers with their beauty – color, detail, craftsmanship and, above all, the hypnotic arrangement of shapes.

The whole Mandala is made of hand-glued and painted layers of plywood, and diameter of 70 cm at its widest point.

The mandala is covered with acrylic paints, which are waterproof. So they will work well not only in the living room, but in places more exposed to damage: the kitchen, hall or children’s room.

There may be a slight colour difference between the photos and the actual product, due to device screen settings.