Mandala Turquoise #2


The multi-layer decoration is available in two sizes and in all colors of the rainbow! We guarantee: it will charms you in all compositions. Everyone will find their own Mandala to fall in love!

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Out of stock

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Mandalas are a creation of Indian philosophy. In Sanskrit, it means “center and what is around it”, which is sometimes simplified to translate its name as “circle”. Its creation and destruction was to symbolise human existence – life and death. The sign itself, on the other hand, helped during meditation and understanding own existence.

Although our Mandala is only an inspiration resulting from a fascination with a different culture and beliefs, you can still feel a bit of this magic in it – geometric patterns hypnotize, it is difficult to take your eyes off them… It is an ornament that will work both in a minimalist interior and in a colorful, vibrant room.

Mandala with a diameter of 70 cm, made out of plywood. The paints used for colouring are acrylic paints. Its color may differ from the photos available on the product page – this is due to the individual graphic settings of electronic devices.