Mandala Pink & White #3


Positive, twisted mandalas are the newest outcome of our creative work, and we are proud of them.

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The motif of mandala has been using for thousands of years and it’s still alive in many cultures. Rooted in Hindu philosophy, mandala means “circle and everything within it” in Sanscrit.

The ideal, symmetric shapes and hundreds of colors enhance meditation. They were created to delight people with its delicacy and fleeting beauty.

Mandalas created at Avocado Creative Studio are primarily intended to delight viewers with their beauty – color, detail, craftsmanship and, above all, the hypnotic arrangement of shapes.

Made from plywood. Painted with acrylic paints (non-toxic, water-proof).

Diameter: 50 cm

Pictures only for reference. Due to the device screen settings, the colors may be slightly different in reality.