Mandala Gold #1


Regardless of whether you believe in the magical power of the mandala or not, ours will surely charm, soothe your nerves and … it will fit perfectly into any interior design.

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“The creation and interpretation of mandala can be treated briefly or deeply. Superficial perception is characteristic of people who do not have knowledge of the Indian religion and eastern symbolism. In this case, the mandala is only an effective work with specific aesthetic values. In Tibetan Buddhism, the creation of a mandala is treated as a rite of a liturgical nature. Analysis as a meditation and striving to overcome the barriers of the unconscious. (Magdalena Pawlaczyk, Mandala in the Eastern and Western Tradition. Seeking the possibility of analyzing the content of the subconscious mind)

Our Mandalas can certainly be counted as an effective decoration, matching the canons of color aesthetics. What’s more, it is a universal product that will be the perfect culmination of work on finishing the room. The plywood from which we made the Mandala is environmentally friendly and does not need any additional impregnation treatments. The multi-layer whole (70 cm in diameter) is covered with non-toxic acrylic paints, so it is easy to wipe off a random stain.


There may be a slight colour difference between the photos and the actual product, due to device screen settings.