Asia and Oceania


The wind of exoticism: the very first map of Asia with Oceania is a real step forward for us!

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Did you know… the coastline of the continent of Asia and its islands is longer than 70 000 kilometers?

The Map of Asia with Oceania is an another project that was created on special request. The mysterious region has been fascinating the Western world for hundreds of years… We try to unravel its mystery with our map, at least, in a geographic aspect. 😉

Dimensions: 100 x 65 x 3 cm

This map is dedicated for the connoisseurs (and dreamers!) but is made only on demand. Time of delivery: 4 weeks.

Available customisation in form of engraving, please add the Customisation to your cart if you wish it.

Wooden map with a hanging hole at the backside. Cut-out based on our original project, polished, painted and glued by hand in our workshop in Gdańsk. The acrylic paint used to cover the layers of plywood is non-toxic and waterproof.

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Dimensions65 × 3 × 100 cm