Avocado Creative Studio

The Workshop with a Passion for Creativeness.

Avocado Creative Studio is a place where all creative visions, crazy ideas and designers’ dreams come true. Our Products are the result of many hours of designing, prototyping and experimenting with materials and techniques in a workshop.


Where the idea of creating the Avocado Pracownia Tworcza brand came from?

It all started with a desire to show the unseen.

What is the deepest part of The Gulf of Gdansk? Where is the shallowest place in the Miditerranean Sea? How are underwater volcanoes located at the bottom of sea?

That mix of love for water, fascination with maps and a passion for modeling brought one of our first products – 3d sea maps – to life.

What is the name of your brand inspired by?

The very first product of ours was made and sold in New Zealand where we had been living for almost two years. After having come back to Poland, we wanted to continue our our work and life in spirit of avocado green islands of New Zealand. That is where our brand name originated from.

What is the biggest joy of running a company?

Meetings with our customers and looking at photos of their houses decorated with our products, that’s it!

What is your favourite material?

Wood, wood and wood once again!

What does the process of creating something new look like?

At first, there must be an idea, inspiration. Designing starts in our heads. It’s a long process of the ideas being compared to each others from different angles and, eventually, taking a certain shape. After that, we like to discuss everything with our team. The dialog is often full of questions: How? When? By what means? Fortunately, we can always find a solution together. Partnership approach and communication make the creative process both smooth and exciting.

What is the most untypical order you get?

A wooden globe with layered water depths. We feel that we will do it soon.

What do your customers pay the most attention to?

Looking at the maps, the most of people focus on the places they’ve visted and this kind of sentimental value is just priceless.

Others pay attention to precision, aesthetics, colour and quality.

What do your customers make you surprised with?

Their wide knowledge. And ideas. We love talking about Maps and Puzzles-related topics and planning new projects together.

Where do you find an inspiration for work?

TYŚKA: My love for designing. I cannot live without it. The whole world is my Inspiration.

4REST: Freedom of creativeness. I love working with wood and that is the bare material that I am often inspired by.

Your workday starts with...

…setting up a perfect playlist that suits our needs and goals for themoment. We listen to different music when designing, producing or negotiations with customers.